Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi Folks.
So, I've posted some of the table pictures Ryan took here, will get to some more soon. Plus, one pic of Chris Gruenholz with his frame.

Chris Gruenholz. White oak frame with biscuited corners.

Chris Gruenholz. Honduran Mahogany table.

Chris Gruenholz. Honduran Mahogany table, detail.

Lex Santos. Cherry table.

Ginney Uhl. Walnut table.

Phillip Quiros. Ash "Octopus" table. Top is poplar pretending to be ash.

Phillip Quiros. Octopus table legs.

Rod Santos. Poplar table, with mystery shellac finish.

Rudy Faulkner. Maple coffee table, too big for the photo stand.

Adam Bannister. Cherry, if I recall, with black rubbed-out antiqued finish.

Timo McIntosh. Cherry table with sapwood flame pattern on top.
Photo by Timo McIntosh.

Nancy Sevier. Walnut table.

Andrew Hedges. Alder table with ebonized finish (vinegar and steel wool.)

Adon Valenziano. Purpleheart table. Very heavy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thanks, Kathryn! And Thanks, Ryan!

Everyone please check out Kathryn's blog contributions below. Next time I teach the class I hope to get more in-progress photos to use as reminders after each demo.
Great work, everyone! I'll get Ryan's pictures of the tables posted as soon as I can.
Have a great summer.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Table Glue-Up

Nancy and Andrew lay out the table legs and aprons for the glue-up.

Nancy and Andrew glue-up the legs while Tracy and Adam wipe off any glue that might have spilled out from the mortises.

It takes a lot of folks for the job so, be sure to have classmates and/or friends near by!

Andrew and Adam assemble the legs and tenons so, a drawer will fit between the top two braces.

Tracy and Adam clamp the width first. They work fast before the glue sets up!

Tracy continues to wipe any excess glue off the wood. You go girl!

Adam and Andrew clamp and measure the diagonal of the table to make sure it is square.

It is also important to measure the diagonal from the bottom of the legs.

Phillip sands the last leg for his "Octopus" table. Shannon and Ginny discuss various options for Ginny's oval table top.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bent Lamination - Take 2

Shannon demonstrates the various steps in creating a mold to form the shape of the bent lamination. Then the strips of plywood are cut, glued and then clamped into place.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Field Trip Saturday

So, we'll meet at the Museum of Art and History first, at 1.00. Here's the link to it:

Bring your student ID-- it will be $3 instead of $5 to get in. I wasn't expecting to have to pay at all!
After we visit the museum we'll go to Shen's Gallery, 2404 Mission St.

Questions about the field trip or your table project, email me: