Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi Folks.
So, I've posted some of the table pictures Ryan took here, will get to some more soon. Plus, one pic of Chris Gruenholz with his frame.

Chris Gruenholz. White oak frame with biscuited corners.

Chris Gruenholz. Honduran Mahogany table.

Chris Gruenholz. Honduran Mahogany table, detail.

Lex Santos. Cherry table.

Ginney Uhl. Walnut table.

Phillip Quiros. Ash "Octopus" table. Top is poplar pretending to be ash.

Phillip Quiros. Octopus table legs.

Rod Santos. Poplar table, with mystery shellac finish.

Rudy Faulkner. Maple coffee table, too big for the photo stand.

Adam Bannister. Cherry, if I recall, with black rubbed-out antiqued finish.

Timo McIntosh. Cherry table with sapwood flame pattern on top.
Photo by Timo McIntosh.

Nancy Sevier. Walnut table.

Andrew Hedges. Alder table with ebonized finish (vinegar and steel wool.)

Adon Valenziano. Purpleheart table. Very heavy.

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