Wednesday, April 1, 2009

interesting summer fashions using everyday power tools

Over the course of spring break i learned what the general safety rules for our shop as well as any shop meant when they said to tie your hair back TIGHTLY. I stress the word tightly here for good reason. Last Wednesday my co worker and i were breaking out some investment using a power drill. Because the Batt was still hot i had to hold it with kiln gloves and routinely douse the bit with water while he broke out the investment. While he was working the drill i decided to get in just a little too close and take a look at the bit. That's when a loose strand of hair got caught in the drill and it started to pull more hair in with it.

This is the result:

A stylish new look for summer that just screams i want to start middle age early! Were not just talking red Ferrari and new girlfriend middle age were talking pious and chaste.

Anyway the point here is follow the safety precautions. More importantly, after working for a long period of time it's easy to get comfortable and even caviler with what you are doing, that's okay, but you should always stay focused on whats going on in front of you. I notice my mind wandering to other things all the time when working on projects, especially on the repetitive aspects that Ive done a thousand times over, that's when accidents usually happen. This is mostly redundant information but i felt it would be an appropriate blog response. I couldn't find the schools shop safety rules on line so i just looked up some general shop saftey rules on google:

1. You must don safety glasses, cover goggles, or face shields
before entering the shop.
2. Shoes must be worn in the shop. No one wearing sandals
will be allowed to enter any shop area. The minimum
footwear must cover the entire foot.
3. Do not operate any equipment unless you are familiar with its
operation and have been authorized to operate it. Questions
regarding the use of equipment should be directed to the shop
4. No work may be performed using power tools unless at least
two people are in the shop area and can see each other.
5. Use the shop vacuum cleaner to remove chips. Never use
compressed air guns to clean clothing and hair.
6. In case of injury, no matter how slight, report it to the shop
supervisor. The campus emergency phone number is 9-911.
7. Contact with harmful chemicals should be reported
immediately Notify campus rescue at 9-911.
8. Machines must be shut off and locked-out before servicing.
9. Do not wear ties, loose clothing, jewelry, gloves, etc. when
operating shop equipment and tie back long hair.

10. Wear appropriate clothing for the job (i.e. do not wear short
sleeve shirts or short pants when welding).
11. Do not work in the shop if you are tired, or in a hurry.
12. Never indulge in horseplay in the shop areas.
13. All machines must be operated with all guards and shields in
14. Do not use your bare hands to remove chips and shavings
from the machine, use a brush or hook.
15. Never use a rag near moving machinery.
16. Do not strike a hardened tool or any machine with a hammer.
17. Practice cleanliness and orderliness in the shop areas. Use
the shop vacuum cleaner. Clean-up before you leave!
18. Keep the floor around machines clean, dry and free from trip
hazards. Do not allow chips to accumulate. Use the shop
vacuum cleaner.
19. Think through the entire job before starting.
20. Before starting a machine, always check it for correct setup
and always check to see if the machine is clear.
21. Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during a work
session in the machine shop area. Do not bring food/snacks
into the shop.
22. Don’t rush or take chances. Obey all safety rules.
23. If you have not worked with a particular material before,
check the materials safety data sheet (M.S.D.S.) for any
specific precautions to be taken while working with the
material. Also, ask the shop personnel before cutting any
unusual material.
24. Heavy sanding and painting should only be done in well
ventilated areas.
25. Follow all appropriate precautions when working with
solvents, paints, adhesives or other chemicals. Use
appropriate protective equipment. Review the M.S.D.S.
26. Check the condition of power cords and plugs on portable
tools before using them. Do not use a tool that has a worn or
damaged power cord/plug.
27. Always store oily rags in an approved metal container.


Shannon Wright said...

Dude... what can I say... this is why Steve runs as tight a ship as he does at the Wood Shop, to avoid things like this happening. I'm just glad I already saw the new growth coming in on your head today.

Squerl said...

I think you should save the drill bit with attached hair on it and display it as a found object work of art. You could call it somthing like "Fetish" Squerl