Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zero1 Symposium and Art Festival: Or my unsophisticated point of view

Really late!

Friday's symposium that we attended as a class was a mixed bag.

My least favorite talk of the whole day was the Climate Clock group presentations. Maybe it was just me, but it was a bit uninteresting and a lot of it just went over my head. They didn't explain themselves thoroughly and used a ton of jargon as if they were only amongst other architects, engineers, scientist. In my opinion that wasn't even the worst part! The worst part was their lack of passion. You would think they would being selling you this wonderful idea that they invested a whole lot of their time and creative abilities masterminding, but all I got was a group of monotone presenters that seemed as bored as some of the audience.
The symposium really started to get me interested and excited for the rest of Zero1 during the presentations of “Particle Falls” and “Floating World”. To actually hear the artist talk about their work and explain the concepts behind the instillations was great.
Jade Chang's talk was by far the highlight of the symposium. After hearing some people discuss their projects, it was awesome to have someone to urge us to get out there and create something of our own. I loved the idea of making playful art that is thought provoking and inspiring. The examples given were fun and ingenious.

I unfortunately( or fortunately according to Shannon's description) had to skip out on the last speaker in order to get home , do some homework, and get ready for Absolute Zero. If you missed that event I'll have to describe how incredibly amazing it was.

The interactive art made me feel like a small child. I was giddy from the amount and variety of things to do and see. One of the best times I've had at a festival and most everything was free. An unexpected delight was the street food court comprised of cooks from all over the bay. Vegan ceviche and al pastor tostadas?! Vegan or not, everything was delicious.

Here's some of Absolute Zero

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