Monday, September 5, 2011

Class Calendar

168 Calendar Fall 2011

8/24/11            Introduction

8/29/11            Shop video
                        Shop walk-through
                        Shop test review

8/31/11           Shop test
                       Demo: crosscut, joint and plane a 2x4

9/5/11              Labour Day, no class

9/7/11              Work time: Milling and ripping (finish for next class)
                        Demo: Rip, cut rabbet, cut bevel
9/12/11            Work time: cut molding, cut bevel
                        Demo: Mitre, glue, spline

9/14/11            Slide show, discussion of purchasing wood
                        Work time

9/19/11            Field trip to Global Hardwood, then Aura Hardwood.
                        Bring back African Mahogany.

9/21/11            Turn in pine frames.
                        Sanding and finishing demo.
                        Begin milling mahogany.

9/26/11            First blog entry due.
                        Mortise-machine demo
                        Tenon demo
                        Work time. Homework: Rip mahogany and make                                                                                     molding.

9/28/11            Work day: mitre cutting, gluing frames.

10/3/11            Spline frames. Homework: sand and finish frames for                                                                         next Monday.

10/5/11            Slides and video, "Making a Shaker Table."

10/10/11          Mahogany frame critique.
                        Discussion of measured drawings. Homework for                                                                                     Monday: make a measured drawing of your table

10/12/11          Figure out wood-buying groups
                        Start milling, marking and mortising 2 x 4 sample
10/17/11          Mark and cut tenon in 2 x 4 sample. Start dividing up                                                                         and milling the wood for your table frame.

10/19/11          Discuss sample mortise and tenons.
                        Demo: Milling and marking legs
                        Mortising legs

10/24/11          Discuss measured drawings with me.           
                        Begin dividing up boards and milling them
10/26/11          Second blog entry due.
                        Demo: Milling aprons, marking tenons
                        Homework: mill legs and aprons.

10/31/11          Demo: cutting and fitting tenons
                        Biscuit-slots in aprons
                        Work time: mark mortises, cut mortises

11/2/11            Demo: milling and biscuiting top

11/7/11            Demo: gluing up table top

11/9/11            Demo: tapering legs

11/14/11          Demo: gluing up table assembly (part A.)                       

11/16/11          Demo: gluing up table assembly (part B)                       

Demo:             Demo: Cutting top to size on the sliding table
                        Routing the edge of table top

11/21/11          Demo: final sanding, attaching table top hardware,                                                                                     finishing.

11/23/11          Work!

(Thanksgiving Holiday Thursday and Friday)

11/28/11          Work!

11/30/11          Third blog entry due.

12/5/11            Work!

12/7/11            Final Critique

12/12/11          2.45-5.00 Final Exam day: photo shoot.

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