Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Invited Authors

Hi Folks
you should all have received an invitation to become a blog author. Let's set some guidelines for blog posts here.

First, how to do it: click "New Post" at the top of the page. Write what you want to write, and click on the landscape icon to add pictures. All images must be credited to their source. To add links, highlight a word or phrase and click on the green frog-head-looking icon. Paste the URL into the window that comes up, and the word or phrase will turn into a link.
Put your name, or at least your first name, at the end of the blog entry so I don't have to figure out who you are from some wacky gmail name.

Blog etiquette: use professional language as you would if you were writing a paper. So, no text-messaging contractions, no expletives. If you disagree with what someone has said, let's discuss it in class. The blog should not become a forum for arguments. (I'm imagining such an argument in Woodworking class: "Routed mortises are far superior to chiseled mortises!" "No, chiseled is much better!")

Okay, we can discuss the details further in class. Technophiles, feel free to add useful blogging advice for the class at any time.

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