Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Left handed woodworkers

So I am looking for info on left handed and woodworking. Not, much on the tool side other than most tools are right handed, but here are a couple of bits of info:

"A left-handed individual was more likely to sustain an amputation both at home and at work. The left-handed were more likely to have a dominant hand amputation than were the right-handed (70% compared with 51%). These data suggest that left-handers have an amputation risk factor 4.9 times greater than that of right-handed people."

These were taken from "Is being left-handed a handicap? The short and useless answer is “yes and no.”"

Maybe they need to add a question to the shop test:
_____ I am left handed. 1) True 2) False

1 is disqualification.

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stephan said...

It looks like I need a left handed keyboard too.