Friday, January 30, 2009

More wonderful Wood!

I don't have the craftalien's name for this work, but I included the source. How schnizzle is this?It is a bathroom out of my dreams by Takumi Company of Seattle. Can we talk a bit about how to dye wood with the natural/traditional plant dyes? - The other source below, "Craft house Mana" aka. nifty- is a homey site but has some interesting pix of lathe made items as well as dye recipies and techniques. Sorry I can't post an active link-I am computer challenged. But then I'm only a Squerl


Shannon Wright said...

I want the light fixture in the pictures in your link. And as a rule, I have very little interest in light fixtures. I emailed the company-- not sure if they're gonna get back to me.

Squerl said...

Yes! This fixture is fantastic. It is the most intriguing combination of Japanese, Space Odessy, and Italian bubble glass, I just love it. One of the things I love about the simpler forms of Shaker, some 17th century French, and of course Japanese fine furnishings is their ability to hold their own in a room without shouting. They simply sit there and think to themselves, I really am quite good aren't I?