Monday, May 18, 2009

Marcel Breuer/ steel

Alvar Aalto 1928 molded wood

Finnish Archetict, Alvar Aalto designed this Paimio Chair for the Paimio Tuberculosis Sanatorium. 
The chair is based on the tubular steel designs of Marcel Breuer, but Alvar believed his chair, designed in molded wood and plywood, would be warmer and more comfortable and would also help ease the breathing of the tuberculosis patients.
Aalto married Aino Marsio who collaborated in the design work but it is unknown to what extent she was a partner. They went on to begin Artek which manufactured the wooden chairs and stools the two of them designed. Perhaps this summer will take bloggers into creating some bent wood projects. Here is some inspiration...

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Shannon Wright said...

Hi Nancy
Funny, I was just thinking last night how my trip to Finland needs to function sort of like the "sanatoriums" of the last century, after this unbelievably difficult year. Now I'll have to look up the sanatorium mentioned here!