Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Week

Hello Woodworking Class.

I just wanted to remind you that our visiting artist, David Jackson, will be doing the Tuesday night lecture this Tuesday from 5-6PM in room 133. It would be a real drag for him to give his demo on Wednesday without everyone having seen his lecture the night before. If you will be in class, please ask your instructor for permission to attend the lecture. If you are lacking any blog entries still, this would be a great opportunity to make one up.

I helped people in the wood shop for two hours on Thursday and four hours on Friday and I believe a good deal of progress was made. Tomorrow I will demo putting biscuit slots in the apron rails for the tabletop hardware, as well as random-orbital sanding. As soon as someone is finished sanding their parts, I will do a demo on gluing up that person's table.

For anyone who has missed a lot of class periods: please remember, "incompletes" can not be given unless a student has completed 75% of the course work with a C or better, and has had some kind of unfortunate event befall them in the last three weeks of school. Meaning, you have these two weeks to finish your table.

I will plan on helping students in the shop this Thursday, but I have to attend the Graduate "first year review" all day Friday, so please get your more difficult questions answered before Friday.

Thanks, and see you tomorrow.

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