Friday, May 22, 2009

The Tables!

Okay Folks,
I fixed the levels and shrunk the pictures way down in order to post them on the blog. If you want good (hi res) pics, you'll have to email me for them. Congratulations on finishing these with no access to the shop at the end!
And a whopping thank you to Adon and Phil, the best TA's ever. Seriously!
And thanks a ton to Dave for the extremely generous donation of his studio space for several weeks!
Oh, and thanks to all for the "Have fun in Finland" card. I had to hold it up to the bright sunlight at angle to read it, since you all wrote in pencil on dark paper. What was that, Laura-- did you put a teddy bear in a xerox machine and scan him? Well, thanks!

Ali Sajjadi (not quite finished yet)

Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor

Pavel Rakhlin (not quite finished yet)

Nick Gust

David Sandoval (no finish on it yet, still needs some sanding too)

Laura Moll (no finish on it yet)

Andrew Ajemian

Catherine Kirchner

George Ziegler

Jared Aizawa

Nancy Sevier (hey, that's not a table! That's a giant violin chin rest!)

Phil Tuazon (all reclaimed bamboo flooring! Top was trimmed later.)

Robert Hitzeman

Sara Beckton

Sara Beckton

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Squerl said...

Yea for all the tables and for those who helped them to come into existence- S.W., Aiden and Phil. Yes, I photocopied my Koala bear, "Qualie" for your bon-voyage card. Super Great Class!!! Squerl