Thursday, September 9, 2010

I.M. Pei

I was researching about various architectures and designers and the one person that kept coming up in my mind was Leoh Ming Pei or better own as I.M. Pei. He was responsible for the Bank of China in Hong Kong, glass-and-steel pyramid for the Louvre museum in Paris, and the Miho Museum in Japan.

Most of his work are very geometrical, clean cut and precise. The reoccurring materials that he uses in his architectures are glass and steel. His structures maybe enclosed, but with the glass material it gives the illusion of openness and allows a large amount of light into the structure. Although I.M. Pei does not do furniture but if he did, if I.M. Pei would ever design furniture it would comprised of geometric shapes, some sort of glass element and steel bars for the frame…what amazes me about this architect is how he utilizes a fragile material like glass for his structures and his imagination and his creativity is impressive. I believe that Pei is a heavy influence in the design and architecture community. He has contributed alot of his creativity.

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