Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jade Chang fun = do good

My favorite part of the Global Warning symposium was the talk given by Jade Chang. All though she was not directly associated with any projects shown earlier in the day i believe her speech centralized the main argument put forth by the different speakers through out the day. At the core of Chang's talk was the idea that having something that is good for us also be fun or entertaining would make us want to do the right thing. Chang showed a video in witch a group of people made piano stairs in a subway next to an escalator. The purpose of doing these piano stairs was to prove that we are more willing to do something that is good for us, in this case walking up the stairs instead of using the escalator, if it is fun. I think that by making this Climate Clock it would have a similar effect as the piano stairs in terms of shining light on a problem in an entertaining way. I think it would make it easier for an everyday person to understand the effects of global worming if they had a way to visualize the problem and i think that the Climate Clock is a unique way of doing this. I found my self becoming more interested in the effects of global warming just by seeing the different designs. With the project completed for everyone to see i think that people will better understand the problem and be more inclined to do something to help the cause.

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Shannon Wright said...

Global Worming. I think you've just found the answer to the problem! We need more worms.