Friday, March 20, 2009

eyeballing game

test your ability to eyeball angles, points and distances.

I found this via Core77 and gave the game a shot, its actually pretty fun. My score was a 3.68, gonna give it another shot in a bit (with a real mouse). Let me know how you guys do?

Also check out the rest of this guys site, apparently he's a big woodworking buff and he has soome great tutorials on joints and fun woodworking projects available.


Andrew said...

This is pretty addictive - I got a 2.81, but it took me several attempts. I had one '0.0' (on the midpoint one) but then I'd get blown away on the circle center and triangle center ones - they were the hardest for me.
Interesting to try to do it by 'feel' vs. really trying to line everything up.

Squerl said...

This was fun- I did really well. Probably because I hate useing a ruler so I eye ball a lot.