Thursday, March 19, 2009

Table Ideas

Here are copies of the plans and photos tables I had in class yesterday in case anyone wants to use them as a starting point. The 3rd one, the piano bench plan, is great for indicating all of the basic measurements needed. They are from a book I found at my local library, "Mission Furniture, How to Make It" by H.H. Windsor. If anyone wants a larger file let me know and I can email it to you, (

Also I found this great site for more ideas in the arts and crafts style. There are several pages of ideas with multiple views, but only images since this the catalog of Mission Guild Studio. The company as they put is: “ a "Quaint" dual artisan studio specializing in a revival and renewal of Arts & Crafts era ideals.” There are some great designs here including the keyhole table that is similar to the one we were talking about whether to make in plywood in class and this one in solid wood and M&T joinery. Too bad there aren’t any plans available….
And below is one of their more traditional tables that has a variation on the shelf idea and close up of through tenon ideas.

Here’s their description of the keyhole table”:
Quartersawn Oak Tables
Mortise & Tenon, Pegged Joinery
Coffee Table Measures 34 3/4" w x 19 3/4" d, 20 1/2" height
End Tables Measure 18" square tops, 24 3/4" height

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