Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wooden Gear Clocks

One of my experiences as a child was watching my Father repair almost anything he found or was given.  One thing that he inherited from my Grandfather was an old wooden gear clock made in Germany.  My Father spent a lot of time corresponding with companies in Germany to find replacement parts.  One of the hardest things to find was the "paper" bellows that was used for the cuckoo (the little bird that popped out of a little door on the clock to announce the time).  But in the end we had a working wooden gear clock that was really unique.

Having this memory I decided to surf the internet to see if wooden gear clocks still existed.

I found someone who was making some gears.

Much to my surprise I found a site that sells plans to make such clocks.  I could not find one that looked like the clock we had but I found some very very interesting designs.

The creator also has a short YouTube video sowing the clocks in action.

The best video of all is this one about using shop tools to make a clock.

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