Monday, March 2, 2009

Japanese Plane

I thought that I would stick to the tools that I remember as a child, so the plane is next. I remember seeing it used when I was very young and watching the thin veneers of wood coming out of the plane, I was sort of captivated by it.
The plane is very simple in its design, but still effective.
The planes comes in many sizes but still retain the same shape. The body is always a wooden rectangle similar to a cut 2 by 4, but it is the blade that is the heart of the plane. These blades vary in size and are set at certain angles in the woodblock. The hardness of the metal and the angle determines the hardness of the wood that the plane can be used on.
It is said that a good tool becomes an extension of the person using it, and it the case of both the plane and the saw I feel that this is true. There are two schools of thinking when it comes to tools: a few believe in buying cheap tools and replacing them when they become useless or broken; then there are those like me who believe in acquiring good tools that will last a lifetime if not more and still retain its usefulness. I like to think that this philosophy in tool use is in the majority.

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