Thursday, March 12, 2009


After today's field trip I was intrigued by the exotic wood that Southern Lumber had to offer.  I was specifically interested in the Leopardwood.  So I began researching.  According to Leopardwood is "Flaky, speckled figure with dark flecks, varying from a small lacelike pattern to a larger splashy figure.  Texture is fairly coarse.  Moderately har.  Works easy, except for a tendency to splinte, and takes a very lustrous finish."  Of course it is very rare.  Typical uses include boxes, inlay, accessories, fine furniture, veneer, and turnery.  It grows in South America and more specifically Chile and Brazil.  

Following with an idea of organic art, Leopardwood seems to be a very good choice mainly because of its natural beauty and intriguing detail.

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