Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Corner Tables

I personally was very interested in corner tables. this is because of its ways to utilize space within a given area. There are many different varieties of corner tables which can vary in size and shape. When researchin on these types of tables, i found that they have corner kitchen tables, dining tables, desks, accent tables, and rounded corner tables. These are all preferences that an individual have to choose from when designing or choosing a table.

The image on the right is a very simplistic table but constructed out of cherry and maple wood which are fairly expensive types of wood because of its texture and elasticity. This table is an accent table used to help make a room much more presentable using decor. The drawer of this table is what makes this table unique because of the way it slides sideways instead of straight out. This fundamental of the drawer consist of gifted engineering to develop, but only a skilled craftmen is able to bring an idea to reality.

The table to the left is called a metro corner table. this means that it is within a certain style. This style is another simple but decorative design that looks as if it were constructed in the past. i have also looked at other metro tables and it looks as if curve shape is reponsible for its name. by using the defining design of the wood, a craftman is able to this design to accent a room using the texture of the wood and its shape.

This corner table to the right is called a cube side table. This table have a very distinct 3 demensional appeal to the human eye. by having the holes creates a scene where an individual made place a center peice inside this table to bring out a theme which is why these tables are so versatile. i would personally place mirrors in the inside so that the it could bring out the 3 demensional shape and also whats hidden inside.

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Squerl said...

I love the corner tables. My Uncle has a beautiful antique French Provencal one that is just super. I love the triangular drawer. Squerl