Saturday, February 21, 2009

weapons and woodworking

While researching Japanese woodworking techniques I stumbled upon a Japanese artist by the name of Kintaro Yazawa. He was born in Tokyo and trained by a French woodworker who specializes in baroque organs. He moved to England and studied there during the British arts and crafts movement. A tool that he used intrigued me called Yariganna.
With more research I found that Yariganna is a Japanese spear plain named after the spear called yari used by soldiers in historical battles. The plane has a long, narrow, leaf-shape blade attached to the end of a handle, rather like a large chisel due to the unorthodox shape the quality of the timber finish depends entirely on the skill of the craftsman. It is used in shrines and temples.
Jared A


Squerl said...

That's cool. I wonder if they could use it for chiseling too? Squerl

Shannon Wright said...

Looks like Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Last time I saw it in person was when I TA'd for David Jackson, who will be our visiting artist in May.

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