Monday, February 2, 2009

Parlez vous?

This is a lovely example of mid seventeenth century French Classicism. It is characterized by clean (masculine,)line, balance and formality. The movement back to classicisim was a reaction which grew out of the European Age of Enlightenment who's roots were in the Italian Rennissance. It was a return to the Classical formulae of ancient Greece. The Golden Mean etc. It's a far cry from Baroque, (which I absolutely cannot stand, way too overdone.) But like all art, one era reacts in the opposite direction to the present style. Picture Newton, Galileo and Descartes sipping Dom Perignon, invented by a French Monk at this time 1670's,) around fine pieces like this. (I prefer Christall, but that is another story.) Notice the greek column like leg, the beautiful symmetry and proportions. Golden Mean Baby- Squerl


Shannon Wright said...

Do you mean Parlez Vous? Par le vous means loosely, "by the you."

Squerl said...

Actually, yes that is what I meant. I flunked junior high school French, and not just for the spelling. Thank you for the correction. I will now fix it for posterity. Squerl.