Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Woodworking Demo: Milling (Pt 1)

Cross Cutting

Art168: Milling/Cross Cutting Demo

Using this ancient radial arm saw we cut the boards down to size from 16' to a much more manageable 3' length. While this saw can be angled for miter cuts it doesn't allow for much more than that.

Art168: Milling/Cross Cutting Demo

Ancient radial arm saw, older than God according to some theorists, seen just before being put to use. Measure the amount you'd like to cut and mark it.

Art168: Milling/Cross Cutting Demo

After you've measured the board, check out the key from the Tool Room and power the saw up.

Art168: Milling/Cross Cutting Demo

To operate the radial arm saw, grab the handle with your right hand, push the start button with your left, then pull back on the saw towards you in a fluid motion. The blade is cutting down and away from you which makes the arm very easy to move towards you.

Art168: Milling/Cross Cutting Demo

Try to keep your hands away from the blades. Skin and blades don't mix well at all, the blade always wins.

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Squerl said...

Good Blog and Photo coverage of the Demo. Maybe we should get a stylist for the set, then you can publish this as a woodworking manual "The Wright Way to Work Wood" by Ali