Friday, February 13, 2009

George middleisland

Despite the fact that this artist has been written about for the blog multiple times I would still like to write about George Nakashima. He started as an architect and ended up a furniture maker after studying under Gentaro Hikogawa while inturend by the government. Nakashima’s woodworking can be identified by its rough natural edges and Japanese joinery. I am impressed by the care taken with every step of crafting the furniture from picking the tree, to the years of drying, to the choosing of the boards. His approach to woodworking is a spiritual one like the tea ceremony and calligraphy attention is paid to every step to complete the task. His natural and simplistic style is elegant and attractive.

This is an example of his famous coniod chair where the beauty is in the sincerity of the wood.

Jared A

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Squerl said...

Captain who? Captain Underpants? or Captain Obvious? Just kiddin. That would be a fun table for a poker game. Squerl