Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Woodworking Demo: Milling (Pt 3)

Jointing is done to smooth out and straighten a single surface of a board. Once you have a single straight surface you can straighten out the other sides to create a near perfect board.

Art168: Milling/Jointer Demo
Make sure before you run your wood through the jointer to find the direction of the grain and cut along that direction to prevent tearing up your wood.

Art168: Milling/Jointer Demo
When pushing your wood through the jointer provide lateral force to keep the wood moving along the jointer blades evenly.

Art168: Milling/Jointer Demo
The jointer will only ever take a small portion of the surface off so you'll have to run your piece through several times to provide a clean smooth surface

Art168: Milling/Jointer Demo
Once done jointing the first surface of your board to the point where its smooth, joint a edge using the smoothed as a guide surface to provide you with a perfect 90° edge.

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