Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi all. I was remembering some of the famous sculptor Brancussi's work and the fact that he sometimes used wood as a medium for bases that became as much a part of the stone and or metal sculpture as the work itself. I was searching for images, and stumbled upon this funky-fresh take in reverse. This is a bizarre use of wood as a sculptural medium. Kind of like a modified Nick- Knack shelf turned on its ear and joined to a metal dunce cap. Maybe a lightening struck sequoia tree on a silvery montain. Maybe just "Untitled." -Whatever! The artists name is Mark Houghton, currently on view at the Axis modern art website. He allegedly uses objects found in thrift shops. I am all for that. But, ya know, I think what I really like best is the black wood floor. Is that ammonia fumed? I am getting so wood knowlegeable!

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