Sunday, February 1, 2009

George Nakashima Work Ethic and Inspiration

Thinking about the work of George Nakashima, I too was expecting to see a more oriental design quality.  However, after visiting his website I became intrigued not so much by the actual design of the furniture, but more so for his team's work ethic and inspiration.  That is what I most appreciate.  Never would I have thought woodworking can be such an intimate process between man and nature.  It is fascinating to realize the process of woodworking (particularly by Nakashima) as a bond and destiny of a single tree.  It's inspiring to see the levels of dedication and perfection given towards a single tree.  I tend to run into perfectionism as a stressful and problematic issue, but after researching the works of Nakashima, perfection in woodworking seems like a pleasant requirement.  Although I personally don't particularly like the design of Nakashima's work, I honestly do appreciate the background story behind the work.  I enjoy the ideals of concept, perfection, and art.

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