Monday, February 16, 2009

Mario Philippona

This guy is all about high heels and legs, not table legs. Mario Philippona is a sculptor that I came across who is inspired by the female form. He takes the same perfectionism that is used in fashion and assembles sculptures from pre-cut layers of wood. Other works are also chiseled out of blocks of wood, like the 4-legged chair. It is then finished with Natural oil and wax to give it its smoothness. His work somewhat concentrates on legs and high heels, which is inspired by Salvador Dali. I think it is so interesting that he uses legs for real legs of a table, its ingenious. But mimicking human form and combining it with furniture is amazing. some of his work is a little too vulgar for me to put up, so you look up the rest.


Shannon Wright said...

Oh my God. Yikes.

Squerl said...

I am glad that you used your editorial powers in you picture selection. These tables would work well in a Woodworkers Bordello. Still, the craftsmanship nesscesary for the design is amazing. Squerl